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David Kind

David Kind Eyewear
Venice, California
Creative Direction
Campaign Development
Shoot Production
I worked closely with the David Kind team over a span of two years to develop and establish their brand identity through editorial content that would communicate with their existing and target customer across all digital and printed channels
David Kind is an emerging direct-to-consumer eyewear brand comprised of industry veterans and experienced opticians, fiercely focused on craft, product longevity, customer service, and classic style.

modern classic

The introductory campaign, establishing tone and brand identity.
Our intention - convey ease, comfort and confidence, with a nod to California mid century modern style.


Minimalist and contrasting portaits, meant to portray shifting moods, and celebrate personal style, contemplation and joy.


A playful, tongue in cheek campaign, with monochromatic color schemes, inspired by vintage yearbook portraits.

form & function

Shot at Richard Neutra's personal home in Silver Lake, this editorial campaign was an homage to the architect, timeless style and intentional, thoughtful design.

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