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Slaughterhouse Survivors

Slaughterhouse Survivors Animal Rescue
Harbin, China
Los Angeles Director & Board Member
SHS rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes dogs and cats from the Meat Trade, along with local abuse and neglect cases. China does not offer any welfare protections or legislation for these animals.

Dogs at local shelter.

SHS is run by Aimee, Emily and Hayley 3 expat teachers living in Harbin, who saw the immediate need to help animals intercepted from the cruel, violent and unregulated Meat Trade. Since 2018 I've visited Harbin four times to document and aid the organization's efforts. I am currently and active director and board member, working closely with the SHS team to develop and expand their mission.

Liu Li, Local Rescuer

Coal, Golden Retriever

Dog intercepted from the meat trade

Local Rescuer

Jasmine, Emily

Bulldog, Hayley

Local Volunteer

Dogs in local shelter

To learn more about Harbin Slaughterhouse Survivors, and how you can support, visit

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